Cloud operating system (Cloud OS)

What is cloud operating system (cloud OS)?
Ein Cloud-Betriebssystem ist eine Art Betriebssystem, das für den business in Cloud Computing- und Virtualisierungsumgebungen ausgelegt ist. Ein Cloud-Betriebssystem verwaltet den Betrieb, die Ausführung und die Prozesse von virtuellen Maschinen, virtuellen Servern und virtuellen Infrastrukturen sowie die Back-End-Hardware- und Softwareressourcen.

A cloud operating system can also be referred to as a virtual operating system.

A cloud operating system primarily manages the operation of one or more virtual machines in a virtualized environment. The functionality of cloud operating systems varies depending on the virtual environment and cloud services used.

For example, a cloud operating system developed for use in a computer-specific environment manages the processes and threads of a single or multiple virtual machines and servers. Similarly, a light end cloud operating system can provide end users with pre-installed applications and services that are accessed through an Internet browser.

Microsoft Windows Azure and Google Chrome OS are some of the current examples of cloud operating systems.

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