Cloud drive

What is cloud drive?
Cloud Drive is a web-based service that provides storage space on a remote server. Cloud drives are typically accessed over the Internet using client-side software and used to back up files. Cloud drive providers generally give users a limited amount of free online storage and the option for more for a monthly fee.

Mit Cloud-Laufwerken können einzelne Benutzer oder kleine Unternehmen Dokumente und andere elektronische Medien speichern und synchronisieren, ohne Dateiserver oder externe Festplatten zu kaufen oder zu verwalten. Die Cloud-Laufwerke eignen sich ideal zum Sichern von Daten von 1 Terabyte (TB) oder weniger. Cloud-Drive-Service-Provider pflegen die Cloud server und gewährleisten so eine konsistente Verfügbarkeit und schnellen Zugriff auf gespeicherte Daten.

The main advantages of a cloud drive are:

Improved accessibility to a cloud data storage provider

The ability to format data and communicate with the cloud data storage provider.

Effortless access to data using standard protocols such as NFS and iSCSI

Serialized and synchronized accessibility for the same data as well as simultaneous processing of read and write requests for different data

The virtualization of data storage enables a limited volume of physical data storage to appear many times larger than its original size

Offers less expensive, more methodical remote data storage with no significant performance degradation

Minimizes physical data storage requirements

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