Cloud computing maturity model

What is Cloud computing maturity model?
A cloud computing maturity model (CCMM) is a model for managing the delivery of cloud computing services. These models are designed to help business leaders and managers make progress in delivering cloud services to a range of customers. This type of model is typically useful in 'benchmarking' services and in analyzing a level of success, consistency, and achievement of service objectives.

Aspects of a cloud computing maturity model typically encompass the actual types of service delivery, including any events or controls that can help automate the services. Another element of a cloud computing maturity model can include comprehensive information security.

Cloud computing maturity models can have multiple levels. The first phase consists of getting the cloud provider's service off the ground or ensuring solvency. Other successive phases may focus on better practices in managing cloud services and more defined services, as well as further automation. Some experts describe a cloud maturity model as a unified approach to IT-as-a-Service (ITaaS), in which more of a company's IT operations are provided internally via the web or other crowd-sourced models rather than physically.

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