What is Clonezilla?
Clonezilla is free software that performs disaster recovery, disk cloning, disk imaging, and deployment. It is an open source clone system solution that is included in unicasting and multicasting versions. It is comparable to Norton Ghost and Symantec Ghost Corporate Edition. Clonezilla only saves and restores used blocks to the hard drive for better cloning efficiency.

Clonezilla creates a copy of the contents of a computer's hard drive on another storage device and allows users to backup and restore them to their PCs.

Clonezilla is of two types:

Clonezilla Live: This unicasting version is suitable for backup and restore on a single computer.

Clonezilla SE: This multicasting version is the server edition of Clonezilla and is suitable for simultaneous backup and restore for many computers. It can be more than 40

Clone computers at the same time.

Some of the features of Clonezilla are:

It's available for free

It supports many file systems so it can clone GNU / Linux, Microsoft Windows, Intel-based Mac OS and FreeBSD, NetBSD and OpenBSD operating systems

Clonezilla SE supports multicast, with which many computers can be cloned at the same time. It can also be used remotely to back up or restore a range of computers.

Clonezilla also has some limitations:

The destination partition must be equal to or larger than the source partition.

Differential / incremental backup is not yet implemented.

Online imaging / cloning is not yet implemented. The partition to be created or cloned must be deactivated.

To create a recovery ISO file, all files must be on a CD or DVD.

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