Clean room

What is clean room?
A clean room is a type of enclosed space or facility that is free from or against internal or external pollution or hazards. Cleanrooms are used in scientific research or in the development of equipment and appliances that require an environment that is free of contaminants, including dust, bacteria, moisture, and other airborne particles.

A clean room is a controlled facility that is used for the development of hardware devices and equipment such as integrated circuits, transistors, and microprocessors. It must provide protection and protection against airborne particles, dust, bacteria, viruses, moisture or other substances or environmental conditions that can affect the quality of the product developed.

Typically, a clean room must ensure that no external contamination penetrates, that the device used does not generate any contamination and that the existing contamination is eliminated and eliminated as quickly as possible. In addition, a clean room is rated for the level of contamination per cubic foot of air; the lower the ratio by which the room is to be cleaned.

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