Chief Medical Information Officer (CMIO)

What is the Chief Medical Information Officer (CMIO)?
A Chief Medical Information Officer (CMIO) is a health manager who is responsible for managing the health informatics platform and works with clinical IT staff to support the efficient design, implementation and use of health technologies. It's a relatively new role in healthcare.

A chief medical information officer is also known as a chief medical informatics officer, chief clinical information officer, director of medical informatics, or director of health informatics.

In most cases, the chief medical information officer is a doctor who has some level of health informatics or experience. They are known to collaborate or help with other doctors, nurses, pharmacy, and other general information in a health organization.

With the healthcare industry adopting electronic medical / health records (EMR / EHR), CMIOs are in high demand. The tasks performed by a CMIO differ from organization to organization. A CMIO is required daily to assess a company's IT systems, develop and deploy EMR / EHR applications and software, train other employees in IT systems, and analyze medical and health data for general service improvement. CMIOs also do data analysis for research operations and report to executives or even to the government.

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