What is catenet?
Catenet is an outdated term for the global Internet, which was developed very early in the structuring of simple packet-switched communication networks.

The term originally referred to the concatenation of various local networks.

Although the term catenet was used in some models to describe early versions of the Internet, the term has caught on.

Catenet was used in the late 1980s, but eventually the term internet evolved from the types of networks related to consumer markets and emerged from the ARPANET military network development projects that preceded the public internet.

Along with the term 'Internet' which became the popular way to refer to global packet-switched networking, the term 'World Wide Web' was also widely used, and the two terms coexist to this day as catenet has become obsolete and is is no longer used as a standard term.

It should be noted that the Internet is likely a more accurate way of describing today's network, while the early regional networks were mostly chained local area networks, but today's model involves a much more nuanced way of dealing with network traffic that would not normally be described as simple chaining , but as a connecting network or internet.

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