Career opportunities in marketing

Effective marketing is essential to the success of any organization. Anyone offering a product or service will benefit from having a marketing brain on their team. Formerly taught as a supplementary module to a business degree, marketing is taught at universities as an independent discipline.
Possible roles in marketing careers are:

Marketing Manager

A marketing manager is responsible for the marketing strategy of a company or organization. You are responsible for developing and maintaining marketing strategies that meet the agreed business objectives and overseeing all marketing, advertising and promotional staff and activities (as such, you may also be referred to as an advertising manager or a product manager).

You need to identify potential markets, estimate demand, and promote brands, products, or services. As a marketing manager, you may need to manage a number of other departments and make sure they work together to maximize profits by adjusting operations according to market demand. This role usually requires a Masters degree and / or relevant work experience.

Marketing Manager

A marketing officer, also known as a marketing officer or coordinator, assists the marketing manager in developing specific marketing campaigns. This can include immersion in advertising, public relations, events, product development and sales, Sponsorship and research. Depending on the size and sector of your company, your focus will be on selling the product / service or raising awareness of a problem.
Daily tasks include working with stakeholders and customers, communicating with target audiences, finding advertising opportunities and placing ads, managing the production of marketing materials, writing and proofreading texts, working with designers and printers, the Organizing photo shoots, updating customer databases and managing budgets.

Marketing Assistant

One level lower than a marketing executive, a marketing assistant contributes again to the creation and tracking of campaigns. The tasks could be organizing and analyzing market research, compiling financial and statistical information such as budget spreadsheets, writing press releases, reports and company brochures, organizing promotional events, evaluating the results of marketing campaigns, assisting the marketing manager in preparing reports and promoting success.

Sales manager

A sales manager oversees a team of salespeople. As a sales manager, you strategically divide territories or sectors of the target market among members of the sales team to ensure members meet their quotas. You will also hire and train new members of the sales team, manage incentive programs, develop marketing campaigns, and ensure sales plans are implemented and sales goals are met.

Advertising manager

An advertising manager can use their marketing skills to work in account management if they have a business marketing degree or in creative advertising if they have a humanities marketing degree.

As an account manager, you are responsible for overseeing the smooth running of an advertising or marketing campaign, from briefing designers to budget management and good customer relationships. They often manage a portfolio of accounts, use contacts to generate new business, and perform product management duties.

As an advertising manager, you develop, implement and control your company's advertising strategy from a business, sales and technical perspective. You will need to initiate and manage conversations and sales with sponsors and agencies, negotiate agreements, manage the development of sales materials, including media kits, and be generally responsible for managing a group of advertising representatives.

Marketing consultant

A marketing consultant position typically requires at least two years of experience in the marketing industry. As an industry expert, you use your marketing knowledge to advise and guide your customers in making well-founded decisions. You manage campaigns, analyze data and write reports, prepare proposals, design and carry out market research, develop communication strategies, develop product offerings and keep the marketing department up to date on your results and recommendations.

Other marketing careers

Other marketing careers and related positions include: Brand Management, Business Development, Customer Relationship Marketing, International Marketing, Copywriting, Market Research, Marketing Communications, Photography, Design, Product Development, Retail Management, and Sales Consulting.

The potential employment sectors for marketing graduates are immense, spanning all areas of society from consumer goods to nonprofits, leisure and tourism, and the development of multinational companies.

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