Carbon Free Computing

What is Carbon Free Computing?
Carbon Free Computing is a project that VIA Technologies launched in October 2006 as part of the VIA Green Computing Initiative. The aim is to manufacture the world's first line of PC products that can be certified as carbon-free. The VIA Carbon Free Computing Initiative is a set of programs and products designed to reduce their impact on the environment.

The VIA Carbon Free Computing Initiative is advancing the design of a new class of carbon-free PC products that reduce the impact of carbon on the environment. The main goal of this initiative is to work closely with selected partners and organizations to create PCs that can be certified and promoted as 'carbon free'. VIA is also focused on providing an effective way to enable commercial, government and end users to discover 'carbon free' PCs and their benefits.

The Carbon Free Computing Initiative uses the concept of 'carbon offsets', in which a company can collaborate with other organizations on projects to 'offset' either direct or indirect CO2 emissions in the manufacturing process. An example of such indirect emissions could be the use of electricity generated by a carbon-emitting power plant.

Together with environmental experts, VIA is working to calculate the power consumption of an average carbon-free computer product over its lifetime. With these values, VIA calculates the amount of carbon dioxide emissions that power plants release into the environment. VIA then works to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide emissions by carrying out various projects such as reforestation, alternative energy and energy saving.

The Carbon Free Computing Initiative focuses on:

Participation in sales and tenders with green requirements

Promote carbon-free PCs to create a green work environment

Dissemination of alternative solutions, for example to save energy, in order to reduce the amount of carbon released into the environment

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