Capacitive accelerometer

What is Capacitive Accelerometer?
A capacitive accelerometer is a type of accelerometer that measures the acceleration on a surface using capacitive measurement techniques. It has the ability to detect static and dynamic accelerations on devices or devices - by human or mechanical forces - and converts this acceleration into electrical currents or voltages.

A capacitive acceleration sensor is also known as a vibration sensor.

A capacitive accelerometer detects and records vibrations that are generated on a device or surface. It consists of an oscillator or some stationary component that can store capacitance. When these components move or are moved, the capacity or energy generated is sensed by the capacitive acceleration sensor's native sensors. The sensors, in turn, are connected to an electrical circuit that measures the intensity and magnitude of the acceleration in relation to the electrical current.

Capacitive acceleration sensors are often used in computational and commercial applications, such as B. Airbag deployment sensors in automobiles, human-computer interaction (HCI) devices and smartphones.

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