Capability Statement

Capability Statement - Potential customers want to know what a company has to offer them (core competence). Therefore, every seller should be able to convincingly answer the following questions:

  • What can your company do for me?
  • What is special about your company?
  • How does your company differ from the competition?

The answers to such questions are referred to as a capability statement. The statements should be short, easy to understand and, above all, formulated with a view to customer benefit (unique selling points). For a potential customer, only those statements are convincing that represent a recognizable benefit for him. They prove to him that the seller is customer-oriented and not just interested in a quick sale. The mentioned skills of the company must arouse the potential customer's curiosity so that he is ready to engage in a conversation with the seller.

The capability statement should not be given by the business or sales management and memorized by the salespeople. Rather, it should be formulated in an internal workshop in which salespeople and responsible company executives take part. This ensures that the salespeople identify with the statements and can convincingly answer relevant questions from potential customers.

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