Business Intelligence Reporting (BI Reporting)

What is business intelligence reporting (BI reporting)?
Business intelligence reporting (BI reporting) refers to receiving / providing information or reports to end users / organizations / applications via a BI software / solution.
It is typically part of the BI software for providing summarized and structured reports for analysis or operations performed on one or more data sets.

BI reporting primarily enables the receipt of results or results from a BI software / solution. As a rule, BI reporting is a preconfigured function / function / component within a BI software / solution. Based on the set parameters, BI reporting is generally an automated process that collects and reports analyzed data. These reports can be in the form of statistical data, visual charts, and / or standard textual content.
The results / content of BI reporting are usually in the form of actionable results that help the organization / individual in making short-term, long-term tactical and / or strategic decisions. It is also integrated with other applications that use the results / data to perform further operations / processes.

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