Brand Monitoring

What is brand monitoring?
Brand monitoring is a business analytics process in which various channels on the web or in the media are monitored in order to gain insights into the company, its products, its brand and everything that is explicitly associated with the company. It's about monitoring the brand's reputation and acceptance by the general public and the consumer base as well as the target audience.

Brand monitoring is concerned with regularly and strategically examining media and online resources in order to identify and ultimately respond to the different feelings you and your competitor's brand are experiencing.

This means monitoring the brand's reputation and proactively responding to concerns and reactions from the press and customers in order to build trust in the brand.

Main advantages:

Identifying and Addressing Infringers - Trademark infringers are always looking for the name and popularity of trademarks to increase their popularity. Surveillance enables a company to discover infringers who are adopting brand and domain names that are confusingly similar to your own. Trademark law is designed to protect consumers and trademark owners from unfair competition, and trademark surveillance is one way to enforce this.

Address reactions from competitors and consumers - Brand monitoring enables the company to respond to positive or negative consumer sentiment commonly expressed on social media, forums, and complaint boards. This also enables the company to monitor competitive displays of your own brand, usually in the form of comparative advertising and negative reviews.

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