Boxed processor

What is boxed processor?
A boxed processor is a CPU that is sold by a manufacturer to be installed by a consumer, usually as part of a self-assembled computer system. The term comes from the fact that these CPUs are sold in boxes that contain the CPU along with a heat sink, fan, and a set of installation instructions.

A boxed processor is a CPU that, as the name suggests, is sold in a box. These CPUs are marketed to system manufacturers who install the CPUs themselves in their own machines. The box typically contains both the CPU and the fan / heat sink assembly. The heat sink and fan may already be attached to the CPU, or the customer may need to attach them manually. Installation instructions are usually included with the CPU / heat sink combination.

Boxed processors are different from 'tray processors', which are intended for OEMs or computer system manufacturers. The term is derived from the plastic shells these processors are equipped with. While packaged processors are sold to enthusiasts who like to build their own systems, many generally prefer tablet processors because they allow more customization, such as liquid cooling systems. System builders also perceive that tablet processors have higher quality components than box processors.

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