Botnet attack

What is botnet attack?
A botnet attack is a type of malicious attack that uses a number of connected computers to attack or destroy a network, network device, website, or IT environment.

This is done with the sole intention of disrupting normal work processes or impairing the entire service of the target system.

A botnet attack usually requires the creation of numerous botnets or a botnet army. Once the attack is initiated, these botnets are used to send network / internet based requests in bulk to the target system. These requests can take the form of simple ping messages to distribute email messages. The attack can slow down the network / server, making it so busy that other legitimate users cannot access it or temporarily freeze the server.

Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) is a typical example of a botnet attack that uses a number of botnet devices to send a large number of simultaneous requests / packets to the target system.

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