Boot sector

What is Boot Sector?
A boot sector is a reserved sector on a drive or storage device that contains the necessary data or code used to stop a computer or hard drive from starting up.

A boot sector is also known as a boot block.

A boot sector stores boot record data that instructs a computer when it starts up. There are two different types of boot sectors:

- Master Boot Record (MBR)
- Volume Boot Record (VBR)

In the case of a partitioned hard disk, the boot sector consists of a master boot record. A non-partitioned disk consists of a boot disk record. The boot sector usually has information about the startup sequence, such as: For example, a list of hard drive partitions, the location of the startup program, or the operating system. When a computer is started, the data / programs in the boot sector are loaded into the computer memory. This data can include the operating system or some other startup program.

The boot sector is generally located at the beginning of a hard drive for high-speed computer access.

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