BIOS rootkit

What is BIOS Rootkit?
A BIOS rootkit is a type of application residing in a computer's storage hardware and used to access and remotely access the system. A BIOS rootkit enables system administrators and original equipment manufacturers to remotely access and update a system. It is stored and accessed through the computer's physical memory (RAM).

A BIOS rootkit is primarily developed by the computer hardware manufacturer for a variety of administrative purposes such as BIOS updates, device registration, and other tasks. Traditionally, the BIOS rootkit could not be deleted or edited. Modern systems are now equipped with a modifiable rootkit that is stored in an integrated flash memory. A BIOS rootkit is usually permanent and will not be affected by a hard drive failure or replacement.

A BIOS rootkit can also be used by hackers and crackers to gain unauthorized access to a system. In such a case, it is infected with malicious code that is generally undetectable, although most antivirus and security software can remove it.

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