Biometric security

What is biometric security?
Biometric security is a security mechanism used to authenticate and provide access to a facility or system based on the automatic and instantaneous verification of a person's physical characteristics. Because biometric security assesses an individual's body elements or biological data, it is the strongest and most secure physical security technique used for identity verification.

Biometric security is primarily implemented in environments with critical physical security requirements or is very susceptible to identity theft. Biometric security-related systems or motors store properties of the human body that do not change over the life of an individual. These include fingerprints, eye structure, voice, hand samples and face recognition.

An individual's body characteristics are stored in a biometric security system or scanner that can be accessed by authorized personnel. When a person walks into a facility or tries to gain access to a system, the biometric scanner evaluates its physical properties, which are compared to stored records. If a match is found, the person is given access.

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