Bimodal IT

What is bimodal IT?
Bimodal IT is a type of strategy or facility where a single IT department is split into two parts - one part deals with maintenance and support issues, while another part pursues innovation and expansion. Bimodal IT helps companies keep pace with these two very different responsibilities more directly than trying to delegate both within one IT department.

Bimodal IT helps to solve important problems in the further development of companies. Traditionally, there can be confusion and pressure on IT departments who need to maintain infrastructure and keep operational hardware running while trying to creatively shape and modernize their business processes. Bimodal IT helps describe the ways companies can do both at the same time.

Bimodal IT is described in detail by the well-known IT company Gartner by dividing the IT department into two essential teams that pursue different goals. Gartner describes the first component as 'traditional' and focuses on maintaining operations. The second is a 'non-sequential' element that seeks to innovate and strive for change.

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