Big data management

What is Big Data Management?
Big data management refers to the efficient handling, organization or use of large amounts of structured and unstructured data in an organization.

Big data management enables a company to better understand its customers, develop new products and make important financial decisions based on the analysis of large company data.

Big data management includes various processes such as the following:

Monitoring and ensuring the availability of all big data resources via a central interface / dashboard.

Perform database maintenance for better results.

Implementation and monitoring of Big data analytics, Big Data Reporting and other similar solutions.

Ensuring the efficient design and implementation of data lifecycle processes that deliver the highest quality results.

Ensuring the security of big data repositories and controlling access.

Using techniques such as data virtualization, you can reduce the volume of data and improve big data operations with faster access and less complexity.

Implement data virtualization techniques so that a single data set can be used by multiple applications / users at the same time.

Ensure that data from all resources is collected and stored as desired.

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