Backup software

What is backup software?
Backup software is an application that enables you to back up files, folders, documents, software data, most types of data, and the computer / server as a whole. Backup software enables the creation of an exact duplicate of computer files that can be used to restore the original files in the event of file corruption, accidental / deliberate deletion or disaster.

Backup software is mainly used to back up important data on computer or server hard drives. It can be used for local / individual computers or for a company's computers, servers and network devices. Individual use backup software generally backs up selected files, folders, and critical operating system files on the same computer / hard drive. The advanced or enterprise-level software is typically built into each computer, server, or node and backs up selected files and folders on a scheduled or as needed basis. The backup software transfers the duplicates / backup data to a local one via the network / Internet Backup server or to an internet / cloud-based backup storage server.

Backup software also offers the ability to compress data to reduce the storage space required, as well as version control to manage different versions of the same file.

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