Area controlling

What does division controlling mean?

Area controlling is a form of controlling that relates to a uniformly managed organizational unit, usually an operational department.

A distinction is made between:

Material controlling

The material controllingthat z. B. occupied with the average inventory, the turnover rate and the storage duration.

Production controlling

That Production controllingthat z. B. deals with the production figures, productivity, operating resources and profitability.

Marketing controlling

Marketing controllingthat z. B. deals with sales figures, contribution margins, profits, market shares and marketing costs.

Financial controlling

The financial controlling, the Z. B. the cash flow, the equity ratio, the leverage coefficient, the liquidity and the profitability examined.

Personnel controlling

Personnel controllingthat z. B. with the Absenteeism rate, employee turnover rate, overtime rate and labor productivity.

Information controlling

Information controlling, the Z. B. has to ensure that the data recipients are neither oversupplied nor undersupplied.

Organizational controlling

Organizational controlling, which deals, for example, with the functional organizational process and the reduction of costs of the structural or project organization. With the help of controlling as overall controlling, the various activities of the area controlling are coordinated. However, each area can also have a separate controlling.

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