Apache Software License (ASL)

What is the Apache Software License (ASL)?
The Apache Software License (ASL) is a license scheme for free and open source software (FOSS) written by the Apache Software Foundation (ASF). ASL enables the free download and use of projects and software, be it in whole or in part for personal, business or business purposes and regardless of license fees. The code is distributed openly and may be freely modified, redistributed or studied. Through open source code, Apache encourages users to voluntarily improve the design of the software.

The Apache software license indicates that the software is free. However, Apache still needs the Apache distributed software so that a copy of the license is clear and easy to find. as well as a clear assignment to the ASF for all distributions that contain Apache software.

Modified code or software is no longer considered Apache and would be attributed to the developer who modified it, even though ASL is still present. Modified software may not be used in industrial property rights or trademarks that support the use of the ASF. It also prohibits the use of trademarks or logos owned by the ASF that could indicate that the person who modified the code created the Apache software in question. In essence, any software made by Apache should be redistributed and given the correct attribution.

Users do not need to submit their code changes back to the ASF, but feedback is encouraged. Nor is it necessary to include the Apache software itself or changes made in the code being distributed. Apache License 2.0 is GPL compatible as long as the software is licensed under GPL version 3.0.

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