Analytical material requirement resolution

Material requirement explosion

The analytical material requirement resolution is used to determine the net requirement, which can be done with the help of modular parts lists and structural parts lists, but not with the use of quantity parts lists. It is used as part of the program-related material requirements planning.

Methods of analytical material requirements resolution are:

Manufacturing stage process

That Manufacturing stage process, in which the parts of the product are broken down in the order of the production stages. It is also called the construction stage process. This procedure can only be used if there are no parts that occur at the various stages of manufacture.

Renetting process

That Renetting processthat is able to take into account multiple requirements in different products and / or production stages. The requirements for a multiple part are determined accordingly often, whereby the requirements that have arisen up to that point must be taken into account. In practice it is of little importance.

Planning level procedure

That Planning level procedure, which is applicable when individual parts occur in several products and / or in different production stages. However, so that each part only has to be broken down once, all the same parts are pulled down to the lowest usage level, which is referred to as the planning level.

Gozinto method

That Gozinto method, in which mathematical methods are used to determine requirements. The basis is the Gozinto graph, which shows the composition of the products.

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