Advertising success

The advertising success is the effect of the advertising based on a target value or the effect judged by people. It is present when the advertising objective has been achieved or exceeded. Accordingly, advertising can be assumed to be unsuccessful if it does not succeed in meeting the advertising objective. The success of advertising can lead to significant increases in sales. It is measured as part of the advertising success control. For its entry are required:


The perception of advertising is the prerequisite for advertising success at all. If advertising is not noticed, it cannot be successful. Whether it has arrived at the consumer can, for. For example, by interviewing target persons, it can be determined whether they remember the advertised product or whether they recognize the advertising message.

Advertising processing, whereby it must be determined whether and how the advertising message was processed by the recipient. This knowledge can be derived from the interest in buying, the brand awareness, the product image or the possible recommendation of the product to others. If there were frequent word-of-mouth recommendations, the advertising message was processed accordingly.


The consumer behavior that is checked after the advertising measure, e.g. B. Indications of trial or repeat purchases. Advertising effects can appear at this level of effectiveness. Consumer behavior can be influenced by advertising, but can also be based on other factors, e.g. B. by the reduced or increased prices of the competition.

economic success

The advertising success can be determined as a non-economic and economic success. In the case of economic success, it is determined how large the contribution of the share of sales generated by advertising is. This is difficult because other factors also take effect, e.g. B. Competition, business cycle. The extra-economic success is a communicative success, which z. B. relates to word of mouth and brand awareness.

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