Accounting system

Single circuit system

Single-circuit system in which financial accounting and operational accounting form an organizational unit. The billing takes place from account class to account class in a self-contained billing cycle.

The one-circle system can be used when using the joint accounts. in the Industry chart of accounts a single circuit system is not provided.

Two-circuit system

Two-circuit system in which financial accounting and operational accounting are organizationally separated from each other. They form two circles that are completely self-contained. The connection between the two circles is made through mirror image or transition accounts.

Mirror image accounts

Mirror accounts are to be kept if there are no formal connections between financial and operational accounting. Transitional accounts create this connection in that each of the accounting departments has a final account. In the industrial accounting framework, the two-circle system is specified by the design of the accounting framework, as can be seen from the representation of the accounting areas.

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