Variant parts list

The variant parts list is a tabular representation of products that have different designs. Variants are understood to mean changes to the basic design of a product that arise through the omission or addition of individual parts and that can relate to the shape, quality and properties.

In the case of variant production, the quantity parts list, the structural parts list and the assembly parts list can be displayed as variant parts lists. In practice, the following variant parts lists are used:

Multiple parts list

The multiple parts list, which combines several parts lists into one parts list, in which a quantity column is shown for each of the various products. It is also called a type parts list.

Common parts list

The common parts parts list and the end fitting parts list. While the common parts list contains the assemblies and individual parts that occur in all variant products, only the assemblies and individual parts that contain a single variant of a product are included in the end fitting parts list.

Basic type parts list

The basic type parts list and the variant parts list. While the basic type parts list defines a product type as a basic type, the variant parts list is created for each product type that does not correspond to the basic type. It is also called the plus-minus parts list because it has differences in the plus and minus components.

Variant parts lists

The variant parts lists are used to describe several products with only minor differences in an economical way.

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