Streaming Analytics

What is Streaming Analytics?
Streaming analytics enables companies to set up real-time analytics calculations for streaming data from applications, social media, sensors, devices, websites, and more. Streaming analytics provide fast and adequate time-sensitive processing as well as voice integration for intuitive specifications. Streaming Analytics uses a simple variant of SQL and reduces the complexity of stream processing systems.
Enormous amounts of data are constantly flowing through the lines. Organizations that can access this streaming data can dramatically improve their efficiency. Real-time streaming analytics support a number of industries by providing alerts when the customer experience is deteriorating, real-time fraud detection, and so on.

Streaming analyzes are highly scalable and can easily handle a high event throughput of up to 1 GB / second. It is reliable and can prevent data loss through its built-in recovery functions. Streaming Analytics is a cloud-based service and therefore a cost-effective solution. Organizations are charged for using the streaming unit.

Streaming analytics is essentially about extracting the business value of data in motion in the same way that traditional analytics tools take advantage of data at rest.

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